Transforming your organization with your own data

You have been in business for years and have a lot of market knowledge, relationships and data. However, the world does not stand still, so the question is to what extent your current business operating model will still be competitive in – say- 5 years.


Your data is the key to transformations

Your data is the key to transformations towards future-proofing or fuel for growth and value creation. It is not about collecting as much data as possible, but about knowing exactly which data matters and what can be done with it ‘tomorrow’. We call this changing your operating model data-centric business improvement.

Don’t just take our word for it. Click here to read and listen to what our managing director Ken van Ierlant has to say.

We do not act as a traditional consultant or seller of as many IT licenses as possible, but as a committed partner who, together with you, can realize rapid business transformations and innovations. Realizing a digital transformation for you is an integral part of that approach.

  • Rapid business transformations and innovations under tight control
  • Data-centric/business improvement
  • Building flexible operating models to seize and convert opportunities
    Value creation in combination with cost savings/increase in cash flow
  • Value creation by increasing the profit exponentially

We break through spending patterns in IT in particular that may have been justified in the past but now only lead to extra costs, less focus and a false sense of security. This makes our interventions cost neutral. We finance the transformation from the cost savings and value increase so that we do not have to rely on your working capital.

  • Value creation by increasing the underlying balance sheet value (DCF) exponentially
  • Value creation through risk minimization based on achievable milestones and tight control
  • Exploitation and exploration of data you already have and make your organization Future Fit
  • Mobilize the entire organization and actually implement digital leadership
  • Much greater decisiveness, more modern business operations
  • No hourly invoices, but based on partnership/results.

What does FutureXL leave behind at your organisation?

Not only large companies such as Amazon and Tesla are working data-centric, but also successful startups such as Adyen, Mollie and Waze are data-centric for weeks. Adyen originated from data that was not used by large legacy banks. So they were sitting on very valuable data without even knowing it! Explore the possibilities for your organization with us if you would really start working data-centric.